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More than we could ask or imagine

Morning, everybody. I'd like to start this morning, just sharing a couple of words about UMW... I know I've talked about this group in the past, and I kind of feel like I say the same thing every year, but I just can't seem to say enough great things about the United Methodist Women, they help with and coordinate so many different things, not only inside Aldersgate but outside as well, they're behind the scenes, making sure that everything runs smoothly, and sometimes they're front and center, these women are dedicated and faithful servants of the Lord, time after time again, they are the hands and feet of Jesus. If you aren't a member of a UMW circle now and you're interested in learning more, there's information in the bulletin about each of the different groups, or better yet, grab some lady that's wearing one of these white things, one of these white things right here, and ask them for more information, I'm sure that they can show you and tell you how to get involved.

So I'd like to just take a quick minute and have everybody that's a member of UMW, go ahead and stand so they could be recognized.

Thank you. Can we please bow our heads for prayer.

Father God, I just thank you for this opportunity to share your words to this group of wonderful friends.Thank you to Pastor Tom for entrusting this task to me. God, I pray that not only your peace, but the Holy Spirit will fill me as I stand before you today, may the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer. Amen.

So I'm wondering if any of you have a favorite Bible verse, a Bible verse, it just kinda jumps out at you, you see it at different times, you see it in different applications... Well, I have one and I wanna share some stories about my favorite verse with you. So it sort of starts out with a funny story... I like funny stories, I like to laugh. So when Pastor Tom asked me if I wanted to speak today. My answer was, Are you kidding me? But I kept that right in between my ears. So I said, Sure, gosh, I'd love to... That's what I'd love to do is stand up in front of the congregation for 15 or 20 minutes... I mean, I can talk, I'm a pretty good talker, but something about standing up here with a microphone that is way different than just chit, chatty talk, so anyway, so as soon as I said yes, then I immediately started scrambling around like, Oh my gosh, what am I gonna talk about... Seriously, this is a long time.

So I have this verse that kinda kept coming to my mind and I thought, Well, I'm just gonna somehow see if I can incorporate this verse into my conversation this morning with the congregation. So then I said to Pastor Tom, so how do you pick the Bible verses for the day? Is there like some master book or something like... All the pastors get. And there is... So he forwarded the email to me with all the verses in it, and guess what... My verse is Ephesians 3: 20 and 21. And guess what? One of the readings was today, you got it. I read that email, I just started laughing. I'm standing at my desk and I'm just chuckling and my co-workers are looking at me and like, I gotta go call my pastor, not something that... I made her laugh, so I called Pastor Tom. I'm like, You're not gonna believe this. My go-to verse is one of the verses that was for July 25th. Okay, so I have been approved by the top dog. I know what I'm preaching on today.