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Image by Filip Mroz

Cradle Care

Children 0-3

Little ones are such a delight to our community! We are happy to provide friendly, loving care for your child ages 0-3 during our 9:30a Heartbeat Worship on Sunday's. If you choose to keep your young child with you, there is a children's Worship area just outside the sanctuary with a rug and activities.

Helpful Information:

  • Sharing any special needs, or concerns, you or your child might have.

  • Providing a labeled bag with extra diapers, fresh clothes, and any bottles, drinks or snacks your child will need. We do offer a simple snack and water to drink.

  • Signing in your child and assisting with their transition into the nursery as requested.

  • If your child cries when you drop them off, please don't panic! We will work with you to find the best way to comfort your child so everyone can enjoy time at church!

  • Click here for a map to where Cradle Care is.

  • We practice Safe Sanctuaries protocol, click here for more information.

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