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Tell us what you've lost and what you've found

during the pandemic.

-I feel that I have lost Community.


-I have found that I have grown in patience. That's strange because I would think that I would have been more anxious.


-Lost: brief, casual chats with co-workers, the kind that build community. Now that we are all spread out, isolated, and every 'communication' must be intentional, usually scheduled. No more chance encounters in the break room, greetings in the halls, or quick words of encouragement when someone notices you having a hard time. I miss my work community!

-I am sleeping more than ever before during the work week - it's made an incredible difference in how alert I feel when I wake up every morning and it affects my outlook throughout the day. I hope to continue to make sleep a priority after the pandemic.


-I have lost the ability to come and go about inside the house and out without assistance; physical strength and reach to even wash my own hair; available access to many necessary supplies and meds; vision and hearing to the extent watching TV is no longer enjoyable; my kids and grandkids frequent drop-in visits; hosting friends and family in my home to share joys and sorrow as I am homebound and couldn't go to them.


-I have found that the internet, which is often a quandary for me , now actually allows me to join in worship with my Aldersgate church family LIVE every Sunday, and be a part of the weekly Zoom Bible study that I haven't been able to do for every 10 years because of being homebound...even able to be a bit-part of Children's Sunday School again with my own home! Also, the written words of encouragement by email and snail mail is precious, in sending or receiving. God is good!


-My husband is now in a rehab facility and we are praying without ceasing for him to heal enough to come home again. We need each other during these trying times. We halve also lost seeing and socializing with our church family.


-We learned to enjoy our home more than ever. We have also received many, many calls, cards and messages from our church family while we remain separated from each other. Prayers are coming our way every hour!


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