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Friends, if you have followed the news you have likely heard that this current surge in COVID cases shows no signs of slowing down.  We were fortunate to have a bit of a reprieve over the summer as a result of the vaccinations and other mitigation factors.  At this time, the delta variant seems to be running rampant not only among the unvaccinated but also those who are fully vaccinated.  Thankfully the vaccine seems to be doing its job and minimizing the severity of the disease in those who have received it. 


With this variant, the initial symptoms are very much like the common allergy symptoms experienced by many this time of year.  The best thing you can do to protect others is to wear a mask and isolate yourself.  Even if you believe it is only allergies, take precautions so that you are not potentially spreading COVID.  This delta variant is more infectious and spreads much more readily than the initial strain of the virus. 


As of today, the positivity rate in Allen County is 13% and we will likely be at or above 15% by next week, which would put Allen County in the Red on the state map.  At this time, I think it is prudent for everyone, including those who are vaccinated, to wear masks when entering the church.  We will put the tape back up to encourage distancing in the pews.  I truly hope that we can avoid having to go to remote only worship, but if this pandemic has taught us one thing there are no certainties.  I will say more to this on Sunday, but in the meantime please use your best judgment and  be safe. 


Pastor Tom

"I felt my heart strangely warmed."

John Wesley