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As the numbers on the Indiana COVID-19 Dashboard continue to improve, it looks like returning to worship is possible for those who are comfortable. As many have received one or both of their vaccines, this also contributes to the level of comfort and safety. 

This is not an official "Grand Re-Opening" but to let you know that if you feel that it is safe to return to in-person worship then you are welcome to do so. 

As Christians, we are called to worship God. Over the past year, we have discovered that there are many options available and attending worship in-person is a choice. For those who want to return, you will be welcomed when you feel you are ready. However, we will still be following the prescribed safety guidelines:

1. Masks required

2. Practice social distancing

3. Sanitize your hands often

Even with a vaccine, please be mindful of your own health. If you are not feeling well, please stay home until you are feeling better. Whether it is COVID-19 or another illness, taking precautions to avoid spreading germs to others is an act of kindness.

It is hard to believe that this pandemic has been altering our lives for nearly a year. I want us to be cautious about re-opening. In the fall, everyone who was able to watch the service from home was encouraged to do so, but we never fully closed the church. With the exception of the Sunday that Aldersgate was closed because of weather, we have had 25-30 people in attendance. As we slowly return to a larger in-person congregation, I ask that everyone continue to do your part in helping minimize the risk to yourselves and others by following the guidelines. We will continue to evaluate the Indiana advisory levels and adapt as needed.


Pastor Tom

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"I felt my heart strangely warmed."

John Wesley