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Any changes to Aldergate's mask policy will not change the Academy's requirement for wearing face masks. Currently, CDC and the Family and Social Services Administration both recommend wearing face masks at childcare centers and the Academy will continue to follow those recommendations. The Academy respectfully asks that church staff and visitors observe this mask requirement when in an Academy shared space. This would be the kitchen, Finsbury Square, the Street, and the Academy classroom hallway. 

The Operations Team conducted a two-question survey regarding masks and social distancing during worship.


The first question regarding masks had three choices

  1. Continuing as we are, wearing masks until seated-Total Votes: 5

  2. Masks only required for those unvaccinated-Votes: 29

  3. Leave the choice up to the individual-Votes: 49

The second question was regarding the alternate row seating-social distancing-which also had three choices.

  1. Stay with current alternating rows-Votes: 11

  2. Open center section and leave the side sections as alternating rows-Votes: 25

  3. Return to open seating in all sections-Votes: 44

The results of the survey were that about a third wanting to continue with some level of mask use and social distancing and two thirds wanting to open these restrictions. 

Based on those results the Operations Team has asked that the West section of pews continue to be taped in alternating rows for those who wish to continue with social distance. Masks are recommended for those who are unvaccinated.

"I felt my heart strangely warmed."

John Wesley